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Kids R Kids is phenomenal!
We looked at many different day cares before deciding on KRK. I mean who wouldn`t right? Our little bundle of joy only deserved the best, and from the moment we walked into the Kids R Kids building in Allen, TX, her mother and I were positive that THIS WAS THE BEST. The friendly staff is smiling and ready to greet you the moment you walk in the door, the building looks and feels clean and secure, and the classrooms are exactly what we wanted for our little girl. We enrolled her at 3 months old back in August and, although slightly apprehensive about leaving our little one with people we didn`t know, quickly felt 100% comfortable dropping her off with her wonderful teachers in the nursery. The fact that the doors and walls all throughout the building were glass, and that we could log in online to see what was going on while we were away, was a huge factor in why we decided to enroll our baby at Kids R Kids. Even her grandparents love logging on to find her swinging away happily, or having some "tummy-time" on the colorful mats in the room. Kids R Kids Allen was not the only place we looked when searching for a day care for our sweet baby girl, but it IS the only place we trusted enough to actually send her every day.
Kyle Robison
Thank You!
My experience with KidsRKids has been fantastic. The teachers are very attentive and caring and the classrooms are clean and organized. It is an excellent environment for my babies to learn and grow!!
Leslie Brodin
Perfect Fit!!
I moved my daughter here at the middle of summer. She has been in four different day cares in Allen and I have to say, by far, this is the best place I`ve enrolled her. She loves the teachers and actually learns!! I also love the staff and they are great with communicating and helping with any problems! So glad I switched her schools!
Tammy Gibson
Love this School
The suite 100 teachers love the job and treat all the children like their own. They have a wealth of knowledge to help any first time parents on things like how to transition to sippy cups or tricks to help them sleep at night. All the teachers are easy to talk to and really listen when you have a question or concern. Very safe and fun for the babies, I have never had my daughter cry when being dropped off! She loves to see her teachers and play with the toys. The front staff is great, very helpful, and doesn`t get tired of the nervous first time mom calling to check on the baby! :)
B Peltier
My Baby Couldn`t Be Happier
My little girl has been at KRK since she was 3 months and I couldn`t ask for a better daycare. As a new mother it was hard to return to work, but the teachers here made the transition so much more easier. The staff feels like family and my daughter has grown to love them as well. They are very detailed when reviewing her day with me and call me to inform of any slight changes with her. It is a safe environment and the classrooms are always spotless. The Parents Night Out is a huge plus as well. It`s a great option for mommies that need a small break. I looked at other daycares but this is the best in town. You can`t get any better!!
B. Hill
Couldn't Be Happier
We looked at several day cares before deciding on KRK in East Allen. Now, two kids and almost four years later, we couldn`t be happier with that choice! KRK is a wonderful, safe place to take our children. I have a 4 and a 2 year old, both have been going to KRK since they were 12 weeks old. I know that everyday my two children are being looked after by teachers that genuinely care for their development and wellbeing. Additionally, the learning and educational foundation being provided is second to none. KRK makes the education process fun for the kids, through art, songs, projects, and so much more. Each day, I can see the results of their learning developing a little more. The teachers are great and really work with the parents to make sure we know what is going on in the classroom. The KRK administrative team does a great job with the learning designs for the kids, as well as school functions and keeping the parents informed of events and activities. I feel secure leaving my kids under the care and guidance of the KRK family, and my kids enjoy their classes and teachers. Thanks to the KRK staff and the teachers that make all the difference!
B & K Patterson
East Allen was the right choice!
Someone once said `The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.` Kids R Kids Allen has very inspiring teachers. Our son doesn`t even know he is learning...he just says he is becoming a bigger boy..because here, learning is not a chore, but rather it is a lifestyle. If you ask him what he learned today, he will say `Nothing." Ask him what he did that day, "We did xyz, did you know that yadda yadda? How cool is that! "
Treece Family
We love it here!
This is an extended family, an environment where my child is loved, taught, and nutured every day. He enjoys coming to school and has learned so many valuable things that I don`t have the time to teach him. It`s a blessimg having found our home away from home here.
Jamee Ross
Great Summer Program
My son Peter is 8 years old and has been going to Kids R Kids for 4 years. Peter attends the after school program during the school year and he loves the summer program. The Summer Program is filled with activities. Over 4 years, it`s been great to see that there is very little repetition in activites / field trips. It`s great to have such a variety.
Jo Alamares
A Very Happy Parent and Child
We love Kids R Kids. Nolan has been attending school here since he was 8 weeks old. The staff and teachers are amazing. We are greated by every morning and every day when we arrive and leave. It is a very safe, loving, clean and educational environment. There are a lot of special details that you experience that other school don`t have. For examples the owners standing by the door at pick up saying hello to every parent and child and knowing their names. We are very happy with our choice to be at KrK
The Connor Family
Our Children Love Kids R Kids
Kids R Kids has been a great school for both our children. The teachers and staff really help in the life-skills and overall learning and behavioral development for my child. We truly thank you for easing our minds every day and the great care shown our children.
D and J
Great Team!
We like Kids R Kids and so does our child. The staff is friendly and focused.....they plan a lot of activities for the kids throughout the year....makes it an exciting place for my kid. They are constantly improvising to make sure they are doing the best. We are very happy we found the school we like.
Pradhiba and Raj
My daughter loves going to KRK and learns so much. She is learning how to treat her friends and teachers. Furthermore, the academic curriculum is wonderful and it is the main reason we switched from another daycare to Kids R Kids.
Laura H
Simply the Best, Really!
We are so happy with KRK and our daughter just blossomed from the moment she started attending. Everyone is warm and friendly, very understanding, and the teachers are simply amazing. We love KRK!
Danielle and Steve Kautz
Can`t Thank You Enough
KRK Management and Staff, Thank you for taking such good care of Sophie all these years. I appreciate your working with me this past year. We will miss you and all the friendly faces at KRK!
Priscilla Staley
A Very Happy Parent
Dear Sherren, A few weeks ago my child received a new kindergarten teacher Mrs. Venus. At first I was pretty weary of the changes that she was making. But as I would have a concern I would bring it to her and she would thank me for my suggestions and she said she would see how she could rectify my problem. "Wow, why did she say that?!" I thought, she could just say whatever and ignore my concerns as the past private school that my child attended. Mrs. Venus is one of the few teachers who have very high expectations for her students. My nephew is also in Kindergarten and he STILL does not do journals. I assumed that the students would write a word or draw a picture and that would just be the end of that. But I did not know that the children were writing. My child tells me about the facts that she learns at school and tells me how I can research them. I use to ask my child how was their day and they said fine. Now they can not stop talking about what they learned. My child says that they are able to serve them self snack and "Mrs. Venus lets us spread our own jelly on our toast". I thought that was pretty trivial but in my child`s eyes she is happy to be challenged and not treated like a "baby". Mrs. Venus told me that my child is a bright student and she appreciated me helping my child with their homework and bringing her to Kids R Kids. She told me that she has high expectations for all of her students and they make her laugh often. Every morning she says "Good Morning" and "Thank you". My child now holds her head up when I speak to her and problems solves on her own. She now looks me in my eyes with out me asking her to. She says, "Mrs. Venus says I`m important and I should look at people and let them know I`m smart and serious." The other day her older brother was coloring with her and he was taunting her for getting "out of the lines". She looked him in his eyes and said "Mrs. Venus says mistakes are ok, my work does not have to be perfect but it DOES need to be my best." I have been going through a few personal problems in my home and I think my child has noticed. But, I must say that Mrs. Venus has given my child a new found strength in her social confidence and her academic confidence. Mrs. Venus has also given my child a new way to carry herself in just 4 weeks and I am so elated to see what else she has in store for this year. God Bless you Sherren for choosing to put her as the new teacher. Sincerely, A very happy parent.
3 Great Years
Dear Kurt, Lindsay and Kids R Kids Staff, We wanted to tell you thank you to everyone at Kids R Kids for the wonderful dedication and caring environment you have provided for our daughter over the last three years. Our family will miss you and we are truly grateful for helping educate and develop our child into a caring young girl ready for first grade. Thank you for the support from the front desk staff, the cafe, all the teacher and you as owners. We were very happy with all you have provided over the years. God Bless. Sincerely the Marchand Family Keith, Skyler & Katie
The Marchand Family
Video Testimonials!
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V_FWI8cO6aA Please go to the address above to see a 1 minute video of testimonials by some of our current parents!
Parents of Kids R Kids East Allen
What a Blessing!
Kids R Kids offers a top-notch program that has blessed our family with a great feeling of trust when leaving our daughter each day. Just recently, she was nearly in tears because she couldn`t go to school after an appointment. My 4 year old READ her school calendar and told me that KRK was closed on Thursday and Friday only, and that she needed to be at school. She tells us daily about all of the wonderful things that she does in her classroom. Her teacher does not limit her, but instead, pushes her to go beyond her best. How amazing is it that a 4 year old can explain different types of landforms and discuss the history of the Statue of Liberty...not just identify it! We think it is such a blessing that she is in love with school and her teacher, Mrs. Jodi. We are very thankful for her and everyone at Kids R Kids for making each of her days special and unique!
Anthony and Krystal Collins - TX
It`s like leaving her at Grandma`s House!
It`s like leaving her at Grandma`s house! The Kids R Kids nursery has been an absolutely fantastic experience. The "Watch Me Grow" streaming video cameras are a great way to get a glimpse of your child`s day. My child began in the nursery at 3 1/2 mo. old after many of my friends recommended coming to Kids R Kids. All of the teachers and staff are always there greeting you with a smile. The teachers are great about communicating my child`s needs and the type of day she had. I always knew my daughter was in good hands because each day I picked her up she was smiling and laughing. Ms Uma, Ms. Bessie and Ms. Nanette collaborate well together and compliment each other`s personality. Even when my daughter transitioned to the next class, they continued to monitor her progress and daily schedule. Leaving my child in the nursery is like leaving her at Grandma`s House!
Katie Lasseter - TX
Important Job Well Done
The people at Kids R Kids from the top down have really earned our respect over 2 full-time years. For any parent, the search for day care/preschool can be frightening because the task typically results in leaving ones very young child with relatively unfamiliar people people who may necessarily spend more time with the child during the week than the parents do. However, the staff at KrK consistently demonstrated an ability to build and maintain a trusting relationship with our child. Our daughter had fun, participated in countless activities, learned an enormous amount, and was safe. As our child grows up and we start to wish she was 3 years old all over again, we will look fondly back on her time at KrK and know we made a great choice.
Russ and Mea Riddle - TX
Teachers are great!
Dear Lindsay, We just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with Kids R Kids. We are especially pleased with Willow`s teacher. As most parents are, we were very nervous about what childcare facility to choose. We are thrilled that Miss Ashley is now working full-time in Willow`s class. She ALWAYS has a smile for us when we come and pick-up Willow. She always has detailed information to give us about Willow`s day. She is affectionate and caring and we know that Willow feels close to her. We know that Willow is a little bit of a challenge and we think Miss Ashley is doing a wonderful job. Overall, we are very pleased with Kids R Kids and it`s the little details we appreciate most, like the fact that EVERY staff member knows Willow`s name. Sincerely, Shawna and David Caldwell
Shawna and David Caldwell - TX
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